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We provide strategic and hands on tactical support for procurement and commercial relationship management. Our starting point is helping you get more value for money whether that means getting more for less, more for the same, or the same for less. We provide fresh perspectives on how an organisation gets best value from the money it spends by a systematic review of its expenditure and rethinking its approach to how it buys goods and services.

Our services cover all elements of procurement and commercial supplier management.
Here are just some of the areas we work in:

External resource strategy In the new enterprise model the decision about what to outsource and what contract and payment model to use is often complex. Our strategy services are aimed at helping you answer the four essential questions: what should we buy; who should we buy it from, how should we buy it and how much should we pay?

Contract negotiation From supporting negotiations from their outset to helping to break stalemates or impasses in ongoing negotiations; we have a superb team of experienced negotiators.

Cost reduction Cost reduction should be fast, implementable and not damage the underlying base of the organisation. To support our clients we have developed our 20:20:20 methodology: 20 days to find 20% that can be delivered in 20 weeks. This makes extensive use of best-of-breed cost modelling combined with market research and fresh perspectives to deliver improved services and value.

Category management In many areas procurement is too important to be the sole remit of a procurement department. It needs to be integrated within the business planning and executive decision making processes of the organisation. Category management treats major spend areas as virtual business units. Using value analysis and business process engineering we design best in class upstream processes to create high performing, low cost supply chains for goods and services.

Procurement programme delivery Our Procure-It service combines procurement expertise with project management excellence to deliver clearly defined and measurable results from specific procurement initiatives. Perfect for OJEU requirements in the public sector, when outsourced contracts come up for renewal, or simply when you need extra resource.

"£20m saving? We thought you were having a laugh, but you were right... and you delivered."