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Rising to your business challenges is what we do best

Attempts to reduce costs that are focussed on employees are likely to have limited effect as they are targeting only a part of an organisation’s costs. Significant benefits can only come through tackling the bigger part of the company’s cost – its suppliers.

This is what we call the Supplier Challenge

Looking to increase profitability and value for money through suppliers is about much more than suppliers reducing prices. It‘s about working with suppliers to re-engineer processes to identify longer term efficiencies and savings that could ultimately benefit both parties.

The scale of the benefits we help organisations realise varies across businesses. We set ambitious savings targets and our average on the projects we have undertaken is 16.75%.

Along with a range of procurement and financial approaches, tools and techniques, we bring a focus on creativity that encourages people and teams to create the future they would like to see and then work backwards from there. It moves away from incremental improvement – how can we make things a little better – to setting an ambitious target, working backwards to determine how we will achieve it and then striving relentlessly to deliver it.

It requires a change from a supplier led to a customer led approach - a switch from getting what we are offered, to getting what we want - and a rejection of industry norm and the way we do things around here to asking ‘what if’.

In the era of lean, downsized organisations, driving profitable partnerships with your suppliers is not an option, it’s a must.