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Building a team of top talent to drive commercial success means making sure your employees have the right attitude, mindset, skills and knowledge.

We have a range of approaches to help organisations spot, recruit and develop talented and confident commercial individuals and teams who will transform their commercial performance.

Coaching and technical mentoring Supporting individuals with one-on-one sessions focussed on their particular needs is the ideal solution when there is a need for rapid personal development; the organisation lacks the experience and/or time to assist an individual; and for senior managers wanting to rehearse ideas and get alternative perspectives before committing to a course of action.

Training Using our extensive operational experience, we have developed and deliver a portfolio of over 30 commercial skills training programmes and workshops designed for those with little or no previous experience through to senior managers. Looking for a customised or bespoke programme? With our experience, that’s no problem.

7A Intrapreneurs Skills Transformation Centres This is our fresh take on assessment centres, designed to help you identify individuals who have the X factor – the attitude and behaviours that go beyond mere technical competence – and predict with greater accuracy what someone will be like in the job. We also develop bespoke selection events based around your required competences and behaviours.

Workplace mediation Discrimination. Harassment. Pay. Promotion. Redundancy. Any of one of these can trigger a time consuming and expensive workplace dispute. Our mediation services provide a powerful alternative to fighting cases at a tribunal. Our trained mediators operate as an impartial third party to help disputing parties find a mutually acceptable resolution by considering a wider and more flexible range of outcomes than may be possible at a tribunal.

Candidate Profiling Interviews can be poor predictors of future performance. Our profiling services combine the best of psychometric and job profiling to provide insightful candidate notes and suggested interview questions, to help your interview teams make the right choices during the selection process.

"That is the best negotiation course that I have been on. It was a totally relevant and thought provoking. They were excellent trainers, interesting, challenging, informative. Thank you!"