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Selling unprofitable work or promising more than the organisation can deliver is an easy way to turn good news into bad. At the same time, you cannot expect to be paid for something you can’t demonstrate adds value to your customers. Making customer-facing teams and sales staff more commercial is where we focus. Our services are designed to ensure that you wrest every bit of profit you can from your customer engagements.

These include:

Driving profitable partnerships The development of customer specific strategies to identify under-sold added value and prepare an approach to leverage the value into profit.

Account management Whether at account acquisition or support to ongoing business relationships, our workshops and coaches will help your account teams improve their performance and profitability.

Bidding to win Our team has extensive experience in training bid teams and designing and implementing bidding processes to improve the quality of bids submitted and the chances of success in the competitive tender arena.

Solution selling Too many technical and project staff fix problems before they sell the solution. Our training programmes help customer-facing staff recognise and exploit the opportunities that present themselves on a day-to-day basis and, crucially, make them more comfortable with the process.

Contract management Commercial contract management means more than delivering a contract to the customer on time and to budget. It means managing the resources of the delivery team to achieve the lowest cost delivery and maximising the revenue opportunities from the client relationship to extend the services offered and grow the profitability of the relationship.

Negotiation support Using experienced trainers and business coaches we assist sales teams to prepare for major contract or contract variation negotiations in real time. Using business simulations and video feedback we create a practice environment to rehearse different approaches and experiment with different strategies. With client support these come as close as possible to mimicking the real negotiation that is going to happen.

"For the first time in years we came out of an automotive industry negotiation with our price held, rather than cut. The new strategy and negotiation rehearsal have given us a whole new approach and confidence to selling profitable business."