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Show your customer the value in everything you do

Faced with stiff competition from low cost manufacturing countries and increases in material costs, sales teams have to rethink their approach to selling and re-engage with their customers on a different level. Getting the sale is not enough. They need to transform their approach to selling.

This is what we call the Customer Challenge

It’s not enough to win the business – sales is about negotiating profitable deals, not just getting a deal.

Those in sales and customer management need to understand the implications of their deals and decisions for the profitability of the organisation. For the organisation this mean ensuring the right behaviours are incentivised and rewarded. This is the customer challenge facing many organisations.

We help sales teams transform their approach to selling by rethinking how to structure themselves to meet new challenges; channel their activities both internally and externally to ensure maximum impact; and rise to new challenges presented by constantly changing markets.

Using our highly effective and successful Driving Profitable Partnerships methodology we work with sales teams through a series of staged interventions to develop and deliver a clear vision of where they want to be, create action plans for achieving their goals, and rehearse customer specific approaches.

With contract managers, our focus is on transforming them from administrators to profit managers. On a more tactical level, we have a range of workshops to support sales skills including business case preparation, bidding and negotiation.